Welcome to the Ultimate Gelato Experience! 


We started in 1976 as a single, family-owned store in San Francisco. Today, we are regarded as one of the top gelato maker in the United States, and our desserts are known nationally for their exceptional quality. Gelato Classico is an ultra rich and creamy, hand-crafted Italian-style ice cream while our fat-free, dairy-free Sorbetto Classico is crafted with highest-quality fruit imported from all over the world. Both product lines are sold in fine restaurants, cafés, scoop shops.

Our silky, sensuous desserts are almost too good to share. Our customers are sophisticated “foodies” who want a romantic European getaway in every bite.

In 2002 the company launched its products in pints for the first time, introducing Gelato Classico and Sorbetto Classico to leading grocery stores and gourmet boutique shops.