The Caffe Classico Advantage

• Quality Ingredients- Instead of gels and powders, we use real ingredients…and lots of them!

• No Fillers- Our Sorbets contain 70-80% fruit while competitors average ~30% fruit.

• No Added Overrun- Nearly all competitive ice-cream, gelato and sorbet products contain added air, called “overrun,” that is whipped into the finished product. We do not add air and actually extract air to obtain a near-zero overrun product.

• Consistency & Well Established- Our volume and long-standing relationships enable us to purchase ingredients with consistent quality, so you can count on consistent flavor.

•Manufacturing- We operate and control our own manufacturing facilities so our QA control and ability to respond to customer needs is lightning fast.

•Customer Service- Our sales managers and support staff are always available to answer questions and provide assistance. Our customer service is second to none and one of the most common praises we receive…right after our product quality.